Monterrey / June 2016


7 thoughts on “Monterrey / June 2016

      1. I remember going when I was a kid, but my family never ventured passed Nuevo Laredo. I know a friend who would rave about Monterrey. Maybe I should take up her offer to go visit it with her. I bet hiking would be a nice treat over there

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      2. You definitivly should take her offer ! i went hiking yesterday i’ll post the photos tomorrow ! the mountains and the view you have from up there are just amazing ! and the city by night with all its lights ❤ it has been 2 months i'm living here and i just love it !

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      3. I think after hearing so many things from people even living there and how it poses a risk to tourist, have deviated me from going. But I mean, any place poses a threat. Even here in The United States there’s risks of solo female hikers too

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      4. i think it was dangerous years ago. but i cant say monterrey is the safer city ! as you said each city can poses his risk. even paris where i’m from can be dangerous ! but if you go with a tour i think you will love it and feel safe. sometimes you have to take some risks to discover beautiful places !


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